As you may have heard, we are approaching the close of our time as the Work Practice & Technology area at PARC. To commemorate this passage, we are organizing a small conference in the San Francisco Bay Area June 15-17, 1999.

Our title for the conference is "Work Practice & Technology: The next 20 years of research." What we hope to do is to bring together friends and colleagues from across our various networks (workplace research, participatory design, social studies of science & technology, anthropology of technoscience, etc.) to talk together about our current and imagined future research agendas.

Our gathering is shaping up to be a perfect combination of intellectual interchange and extravagant celebration - we do hope that you can join us!

With warmest regards,

Lucy Suchman
Jeanette Blomberg
Brigitte Jordan
David Levy
Cathy Marshall
Susan Newman
Julian Orr
Randy Trigg

Work Practice & Technology